In Vogue Island
Love and passion for the bearded collie
Litter due in july Sweetie X Gus

Our Lovely Sweetie (In Vogue Get A Sweet Dream) is pregnant for the first time .
The proud dad is an english gentleman Gus (Shilstone Craftsman).
Birth is expected around July 2.

For more info, please contact us(Warning, it's a small litter)

Chanel X Sheldon born the 26, march 2016

The first litter of our Chanel is born the 25 march 2016.

10 nice puppies. 3 black boys, 1 blue boy (the big surprise), and 6 black girl.

Kenzo is in North of France

Karl leave near us

Kally leave at 1h of us

Miss rest with us

Nina is go in west of france

Anna wait for go in UK

Azzaro wait for go in america

Allure is in South of corea

Mado leave near Paris with 2 of our babies: Flaubert and Gaby

... Is in west of France

Chanel X Sheldon 5w
3w Chanel X Sheldon
1st day Chanel X Sheldon
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